Remedial Massage

You Don’t Have To Be An Athlete.


Tension and the everyday stresses and strains of life can lead to muscle tension. This often shows itself as a backache, or a stiff neck and aching shoulders, for example. These can be very painful, or they can be just a constant nagging ache.

In addition people often believe that aches and pains are an inevitable part of getting old. It’s only to be expected. Well, I have to tell you, this is not necessarily true! Nearly every time, the aches and pains are a symptom of muscles getting themselves into an unhappy state. Sometimes that are in spasm, sometimes they hypertonic (held in tense state by the nervous system), and sometimes they are suffering from overuse syndome.

Remedial Massage can help to relieve all of these problems. It can also help stop a minor problem from developing into something worse. Almost everyone could benefit.

Mostly the relief will be immediate. However, if your muscles were badly congested and you’ve had a particularly deep massage, it is possible that your muscles may ache for two or three days afterwards. The ache is exactly like ache you get when you suddenly do a lot of exercise when you are not used to it. It is called DOMS – “delayed onset muscle soreness”. However, I’ve found that it doesn’t affect everybody like this, and in addition, I can minimise any after effects by using a lot of massage stroking and needing.

Furthermore, I can treat you as deeply or as softly as you would like me to. We are all different, and some people are particularly tender, especially at the start of the treatment. Some others are less tender and want the treatment to be as deep as possible. This is because it is the quickest way to get to the end result. So, I respond to whatever the client wants. I can be incredibly gentle, or work very deeply – whatever the client wants. But either way, I am very accurate in my treatment of muscles, and am able to reliably hit the spot.

The long term fix


I will also look for the underlying problem. Very often the immediate problem that someone has is actually being cause by something else. For example, a pain in the knee might actually be because of the way you hold your pelvis. It is a knock on effect. So, a simple massage may alleviate the pain in your knee, but if your postural problem is not addressed, the pain will usually come back again and again.

You don’t even have to have a problem!


Remedial & Sports Massage is aimed at preventing problems as well as alleviating problems. By improving the flow of bodily fluids through the muscles and other tissues, massage promotes healing. In this way, it helps the normal healing processes that operate constantly in our bodies.

So, minor issues are alleviated before they develop into problems. You will feel “looser” and generally more at ease.