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Derek Golightly - Massage Therapist

Remedial & Sports Massage in Gloucester


I'm Derek Golightly, and this website is where I explain about the kind of massage I provide and its benefits.

Remedial and Sports Massage does not follow a set routine or sequence. Instead, the therapist responds to what he finds. For this reason, every massage is different. The goals of Remedial and Sports Massage are:

  • Promote Relaxation and Wellness: This is done mostly by smooth stroking and needing of muscles, which has the effect of relaxing the muscles, and moving fluids through tissues. This helps them to heal and promotes 'wellness'.
  • Address Specific Health Complaints: This is done mainly by the use of various stretching techniques, targeted pressure, and stroking and needing. These release muscle spasm and improves the condition of the muscles.
  • Enhance Posture, Movement and Body Awareness: This involves the analysis of the client's posture, and the use of stretching and muscle strengthening techniques. The client may be advised to do some gentle exercises that are directed at specific goals.
My aim, as a therapist is to help people to get well and stay well. To this end, I don't only look at the immediate problem, but also try to identify the underlying causes. In the vast majority of people, this is either a problem with their posture, or is a problem with their movements - something that they do repeatedly, maybe because of their job or their sport.

I can help you with all sorts of muscular and other soft tissue problems, including:
     ●   Headache        ●   Backache
     ●   Stiff neck        ●   Knee pain
     ●   Shin splints      ●   Tennis elbow
     ●   RSI                  ●   Golfers elbow
     ●   Carpal tunnel syndrome

I can also often help sciatica and arthritis sufferers. Follow the link for an explanation. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk about it.

Massage also helps sports enthusiasts keep their muscles in good shape and so avoid injury!!

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